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Refines skin as it gently removes dead cells without compromising the skin’s essential moisture.

body exfoliator

    • Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture-stabilizing force that promotes exquisite radiance.
    • Infused with a special combination of botanical micro-beads and diamond, silk pearl, and mother-of-pearl silk exfoliating powders that buffs away impurities, roughness, and dull surface cells to unveil a refined, glowing skin texture.
    • Contains honey, a natural ingredient revered for skincare benefits since ancient times.
    • Protects natural moisture balance and leaves skin feeling satin-smooth to the touch.
    • Helps increase the receptivity of skin to the benefits of subsequent skincare.
    • Provides an exfoliating treatment that is gentle enough to be used on dry or sensitive skin.
    • Promotes microcirculation when used in conjunction with massage.
    • Features a fresh sophisticated fragrance created from peony and rare orchid that rejuvenates the senses and transforms body care into a time of luxury and relaxation.


    How to Use

    • After wetting the skin, take up an appropriate amount in the palm and gently massage over the skin with a spiral motion, paying particular attention to rough patches of the skin.
    • Thoroughly rinse the skin to ensure no scrub particles remain and then carry on with your usual bath time routine.
    • Use once or twice a week, or whenever you are concerned about rough skin.
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