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Highly moisturizing cleansing oil which adds moisturizing ingredients and removes impurities and skin heat

Size: 200ml

Essential Cleansing Oil

  • Features

    • Keeps the skin moisturized even after cleansing
    • Removes skin wastes and makeup residues at once
    • A formula which maximizes the convenience of removing makeup (gel → oil → emulsion)


    Additional Ingredients

    • Apricot Kernel: Alleviates facial swelling and removes waste
    • Rhizoma Anermarrhenae: Lowers skin heat and alleviates dryness
    • Cortex Phellodendri: Removes skin heat and supplements yin (female energy)



    Dispense an appropriate amount in a dry state to apply onto face Softly massage in circles all over face. Fully rinse with lukewarm water. Wash face again with foam cleanser.

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