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Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream firms the skin around eyes that has thin layers of skin with more tendency to wrinkle. Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream solve the problem of wrinkles around eyes with excellent wrinkle free ingredients.

Size: 20ml

Gongjinhyang - Intensive Nutritive Eye Cream

  • Features

    • Wrinkle and dark circle reducing effects
    • Facilitates blood flow around the eyes
    • Beautiful fragrance of Daphne
    • Eastern herbal medicine prescribed natural skin absorption facilitator


    Additional Ingredients

    • Gall Nut Extract (reduces appearance of dark circles)
    • Sage Plant Extract (reduces the appearance of dark circles)
    • Lithospermum Extract (reduces the appearnce of dark circles)
    • Black Poplar Extract (reduces the appearnce of dark circles)



    Tightly adhering application with highly concentrated Ceramide



    Carefully apply around the mouth and eye area before applying cream. Lightly tap with fingertips for full absorption.

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