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Nok Yong Energy Mask is a Nutritional pack that helps to restore skin by improving the circulation of fluid and essence within the skin with warm heating from the Nok Yong Energy Mask. Nok Yong Energy Mask with royal jelly and the highly-concentrated extracts from deer antler activates energy within the skin.

Size: 120ml

Gongjinhyang - Nok Yong Energy Mask

  • Features

    • Skin rejuvenating effects
    • Warm sensation facilitates blood circulation
    • Wash-off type


    Additional Ingredients

    • Deer Antler
    • Royal Jelly



    Nutritious and warm application



    Use 2-3 times a week. After the balancer, apply a generous amount of the pack on the whole face. Rinse off with lukewarm water after leaving it on for 10 minutes. Finish with cold water. To maximize the effectiveness of the pack, apply essence before using the pack and gently press meridian point effective in controlling the heat and promoting blood circulation using GongJinHyang massage technique.

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