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An angled eyeliner brush that can apply delicate and bold lines with a simple stroke and an easy view during application.

Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush

  • An angled eyeliner brush with the perfect shape, stiffness, length and thickness for the ideal line each time you apply. Made in Japan, the brush applies desired lines from delicate to bold with a simple stroke and features an angled handle for ease and stability. Ideal for beginner or advanced application, the unique brush allows for easy application, even along the smallest areas around the eyes.



    How to use for basic application How to hold: Lightly hold the brush with your thumb, index and middle fingers. Step 1: Lay the brush flat against the eyelid and apply from the inner corner outwards. Step 2: Hold the brush up to fill in between the lashes. How to use for winged eyeliner How to hold: Hold the brush upside down. Step 1: Following the angel of the lower lid, apply as if to lift up.

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