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The ultimate experience in age defiance for eyes, this luxurious multi-benefit eye cream dramatically transforms visible sagging, loss of firmness, dark circles, dullness and wrinkles while delivering powerful moisture for phenomenal youthful resilience. Developed with a specially designed beauty massage tool coated in pure platinum that helps increase surface circulation during massage and improve overall tone for more well-defined eye area contours. This alcohol-free formula has a rich, ultra creamy texture that melts into skin.

intensive eye contour cream

    • Illuminating Complex EX with precious silk and pearl elements, to help moisturize and retexturize skin while reducing the appearance of damage caused by environmental stress. 
    • Reduces the appearance of sagging and wrinkles by helping to prevent the decomposition of collagen while firming skin around the eyes with Tormentilla Extract and Licorice Extract.
    • Improves the appearance of darkness, dullness and discoloration of skin around the eyes along with Star Fruit Leaf Extract and intensive brightening ingredient 4MSK.
    • Formulated to richly hydrates skin and helps maintain moisture.


    How to Use

    • Use in the morning use before UV related products. In the evening apply as last step in skincare regimen.
    • With fingertip, thoroughly massage appropriate amount of cream around the eye.
    • Use the beauty massage tool as follows:

      Glide tool over skin below the eye from the inner corner outward. Repeat 6 times.

      Starting at the outer corner, where lines are a concern, use tool to gently massage skin with small spiral motions working outward toward the temple. Repeat 3 times.

      Lightly press tool below eye brow close to the bridge of the nose. Glide tool along the arch of the brow and circle the eye completely returning to the starting point. Repeat 3 times, press temple lightly.

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