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An exceptional lip treatment with Retinyl Acetate that dramatically improves the appearance of lip texture and contour, while defending against damage from harsh environmental factors. Superb moisturizing effects reduce the formation of vertical lines and blurred lip contours for soft, plump and youthful lips. Discover a more beautiful lip texture and a more elegant lip line.


lip treatment

    • Advanced hydrating formula restores plumpness and radiance to even dry, chapped lips.
    • Contains superb revitalizers, Retinyl Acetate to nourish chapped, peeling lips.


    How to Use

    • Extend the stick and apply directly onto lips, reapplying throughout the day as necessary.

    To use with lipstick

    • Apply slightly less than when using it alone and blend evenly over the lips.
    • After applying, lightly absorb excess with a tissue before overlaying lipstick to prevent slipping and for longer-lasting color fidelity.
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