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Portable CC cushion compact with SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection and excellent buildable coverage for beautiful radiant complexion.

Number No.1: Light Beige

Size: 15g X 2 Refill 15g

OHUI Ultimate CC Cover Cushion No.1 Light Beige (2 refills)

  • This multifunctional CC cushion compact delivers lightweight buildable coverage, SPF 50+ sun protection, anti-wrinkle and brightening capabilities in one convenient step for soft, flawless complexion.


    How to use:

    Place the puff on the metal plate and pump 1 - 2 times. Once the puff captures the product, apply gently and evenly over skin. Use in the morning and reapply throughout the day for enhanced coverage. Close compact securely to prevent the sponge from drying out.



    • Provides the perfect combination of skin care and coverage.
    • Delivers silky smooth coverage and anti-aging benefits.
    • Liquid powder formula.
    • Includes 1 refill and puff.
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