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Representing Su:m37°, Secret Essence is a fruit of natural fermentation technology. Natural fermentation technology that has been further upgraded based on rhythmic fermentation with natural flow of light and sound makes it possible for Cytosis®. Experience the secret of beautiful skin from the inside with newly updated Secret Essence.

Su:m37 Secret Essence

  • This remarkable, anti-aging essence is Su:m37's best seller. The quick absorbing formula supports the skin cell renewal process as it provides refreshing hydration. Formulated with 86 fermented plant extracts and Niacinamide, this multifunctional essence deeply nourishes the skin, minimizes skin's sensitivity, improves texture and clarity for a brighter, healthier complexion.  



    • Natural fermentation technology
    • Formulated with over 80 different natural ingredients 
    • Energizes and visibly enhances skin with quick turnaround


    How to use

    After using toner, apply to skin in the morning and evening. 

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