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Visibly improves the contours of the eyes, mouth, and jaw line for a more vibrant, uplifted look.

synactif cream

  • Contains the Clé de Peau Beauté exclusive ingredient MACC-PD.*


    • Rich creamy formula melts into skin instantly to replenish vital moisture.
    • Focuses care on the smallest most critical aspects of skin to reduce the appearance of puffiness, sagging, laugh lines, and other imperfections, and create a supple contoured look.
    • Encourages clarity and an even radiance in skin while reducing the appearance of spots, freckles, and roughness.
    • Eliminates noticeable dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, and uneven tone in the eye area and promotes a look of resilience and luminous beauty.
    • Scented with a delicate fragrance that reflects the depth and richness of Rose SYNACTIF.

    *Methyl Aminomethylcyclohexane Carboxamide HCI


    How to Use

    • Use as the final step of evening care. With spatula, take a pearl-sized amount of cream from jar and transfer onto fingertip. Smooth evenly over face.
    • Use more cream as needed for the eye and lip areas.
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