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Luxurious purifying soap cleanses face and removes makeup while optimizing skin’s texture.

Size: 100g

Synactif Soap

  • Key Benefits

    • Produces a rich, cashmere-soft foam that effortlessly lifts away surface impurities.
    • Inspires exquisite smoothness and translucence and a feeling of freshness and comfort.
    • Cleanses away base makeup as well as the skin-dulling surface debris and impurities that can detract from a beautiful complexion.
    • Enhances the receptiveness of skin to the benefits of subsequent skincare.
    • Cleanses thoroughly while protecting natural moisture balance.
    • Scented with an elegant, dewy fragrance born of Rose SYNACTIF to make daily skincare a true sensory experience.


    How to Use

    • To cleanse skin that is make-up free, moisten face with water before washing. To remove base makeup, apply foam directly to face without moistening skin.
    • Using cool or lukewarm water, create a rich foam in palms of hands.
    • Apply foam over contours of face. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.
    • For removal of long-lasting or waterproof makeup including mascara, use of makeup remover is recommended prior to using soap.
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