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Since Hwanyu-jinaek(Essence) controls the wave of Yin and Yang(cosmetic dual forces) of ‘Gihyeolijeong’, it is helpful for circulation of ‘Gihyeoljeong’ and is well matched with Hwanyu-go(Cream). If you use Hwanyu-jinaek(Essence) and Hwanyu-go(Cream) at the same time, they will produce the harmony with Yin and Yang and sense even a minute change of your skin generated by aging and correct the problem relating to such a change.

Size: 50ml

The History of Whoo - Hwanyu Essence

  • Features

    • Natural pine mushroom’s fragrance
    • Synergy effects with HwanYu Cream
    • Skin regeneration (clear results in wrinkle reduction and resilience improvement)
    • Resilience
    • Whitening effects
    • Moisturizing effects
    • Reinforces blood circulation


    Additional Ingredients




    The nutrients penetrate into the deep layer of the skin and give a clean and smooth finish



    At the essence application step, dispense an approximate amount and breathe in the herbal fragrance for aromatic effects. Rub both hands to generate some heat. Gently rub on face with both palms outwards from center fro neck face line.

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