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Strong ampoule containing concentrated essence of 30 years old Natural Wild Ginseng which strengthens the energy of skin with the full vitality

Size: 40ml

The History of Whoo - Hwanyu Signature Ampoule

  • Target customer:

    • Customers who want to feel instant improvement that the existing products cannot make
    • Customers who want a concentrated product giving a rich nourishment even from a small amount of use


    GuSinJwaSa Technique

    • Whoo’s advanced technology that combines five components to maximize the effectiveness of the quality materials


    Ingredients from leaf and stem of Organic Wild Ginseng (Ingredients for Gun)

    Compare to Root of Ginseng

    Includes 3 times more of Saponin, Minerals Amino Acids and Polyphenol (anti-oxidant effects) Increases activation of skin cells and represses decomposition of collagen by 122%


    Technology to enhance the effects of Organic Wild Ginseng – BaekJeungGoBeob

    Using ‘Pure Pot’ to heat up the Organic Wild Ginseng Extract for 100 hours and dry to condense


    As Qi, Hyul (blood) and Jung (body fluid) are dropped as aging, HwanYu uses specially selected ingredients with great efficacy that supplement each other, and reinforces their effects by using the combination techniques with ingredients

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