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Powerful brightening mask to target spots and discoloration.

Size: 6 masks

White Lucent Power Brightening Mask

  • A powerful brightening face mask inspired by iontophoresis, a beauty treatment that saturates skin with a generous amount of beneficial ingredients to target spots and discoloration. A brilliant solution for radiant skin while diminishing the appearance of dark spots. Skin is bright, refreshed and moisturized.

    • Soothes damaged skin with moisture
    • Mask fits around facial contours, sealing in the mask essence for an optimal brightening effect

    Dermatologist-Tested. Ophthamologist-Tested.



    To Use: Take care when removing the masks to avoid essence from dripping. Carefully unfold the masks as they will not return to their original shape once stretched.

    • Use after softener. Hold the sides (above the slits) of the eye cutouts and position the mask over the eyes and nose. Press gently to secure the upper half of the mask.
    • Hold both sides of the bottom half of the mask (below the slits) and adjust the fit along the jaw line, gently pulling upward toward the temples. Press over the entire face to secure the mask.
    • Remove the mask after ten minutes. Gently blend remaining essence into the skin and use your hands to lightly press over the entire face.



    • Through the power of Ion Force Technology, ingredients are absorbed into the skin for highly effective results.
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