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CheongidanRadiant Rejuvenating Balancer is a skin lotion for skin de-aging by lightening entire skin from the deep. It revitalizes and lightens skin with contents including ginseng and powdered jade mixture, powdered deer antlers and powdered gold and tree extract and with the court beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, who had skin of a 17 years old girl even when her age was 80. Especially, Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer is boiled for a long time, so it nourishes skin with unique aroma and texture.Size: 150ml

WHOO - Cheongidan HwaHyun Balancer

  • Features

    • Improves skin complexion
    • Provides nutrients to the skin from the first stage of skincare
    • Elegant floral fragrance of Magnolia
    • Improves skin complexion
    • Moisturizing effects



    • Skin feels soft and smooth after use



    After cleansing, take an appropriate amount on both palms and lightly apply on the skin, and gently tap for better absorption.

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