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Premium Eastern herbal facial oil containing 54% of organic Wild Ginseng Oil and Empress Cixi’s beauty secret oil

The oil extracted from wild ginseng, which adds virility, and germinated oil with strong vitality. Will maintain the dry and rough skin to be more elasticity and moisturized. 

Size: 30ml

WHOO - Cheongidan HwaHyun Wild Ginseng Facial Oil

  • Features

    • 54% Organic Wild Ginseng
    • Complexion brightening and revitalizing effects
    • Contains highly concentrated Eastern herbal oil for immediate supply of nutrients and gloss


    Additional Ingredients

    Organic Wild Ginseng



    Light weight but smooth, rich and highly concentrated oil texture that provides instant glow to the skin



    After the balancer, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the skin. Rub both hands together to generate heat and gently press the whole face with the warm hands for better absorption.

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